Share Your Story With Content Crafted to Convert

You’re here because you’ve done the hard work. You’ve built a business that serves. You’ve created a product that provides a solution.

But now you’re faced with a big question, and you’re having trouble answering it on your own. You’re wondering to yourself: “How do I communicate my brand’s value to the world?”

Words carry weight, and finding the right ones to prove your business’ worth isn’t easy.

It would help to collaborate with someone who has a meticulous approach…

Someone who understands how to craft your brand’s message with clarity and brevity…

And most importantly, someone who has a strategy for creating content that converts

Finding the right talent to work with is a grind in itself. Lucky for you, you’ve landed in the right place.

Ready to find out more? Then click here to contact me. We’ll talk about you, your business, and how I can help.

Writing Samples

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My Philosophy and How It Can Help You

In my career, I’ve written for companies that generate billions on an annual basis. These include renowned brands like iHeartMedia, the NBA, and MGM Resorts.

I use the power of storytelling to help businesses like yours convey their value. With a background in journalism, I always pair a reporter’s appetite for accuracy with a marketer’s mentality.

As a content writer, I take a tactical approach to help you establish authority. After all, building credibility with customers is crucial to increasing your business’ revenue.

Want to know more about what I can do to help? Here’s how:

  • In-depth blogs and articles designed to address subjects your customers want to know. To achieve this, I’ll use a variety of tactics including 1-on-1 interviews and SEO keyword research. 
  • From product descriptions to landing pages, I’ll craft website copy that sticks. Visitors will come away with a clear concept of what you stand for and offer.


“During his time with us, he wrote compelling blog articles that resonated with our fans. He’s terrific at asking questions that get to the heart of people’s stories. ”

Jason Wise, Senior Director of Digital and Content, Sacramento Kings

Jonathan Santiago is a dynamic writer who has a broad and varied skill set that lends itself to being able to deftly discuss a variety of topics and engage the reader in a meaningful way.

Andrew Nicholson, Vice President of Digital and Content, Sacramento Kings

“Not only is Jonathan a great writer, he also has a keen sense of SEO. He knows how to write informative blog posts that align with search intent.”

Ray Blakney, Founder of Live Lingua

“Jonathan and I worked on the website redesign for Wet Republic at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. His copywriting helped the venue yield a $2.5-million increase in year-over-year revenue.”

Stephen Traversie, Senior Director of Marketing, TAO Group Hospitality

“We needed bios written on the OMNIA Nightclub website for our roster of artists. Jonathan delivered on deadline concise, detailed copy before the site’s launch.”

Bianca Chan-Shaw, Director of Social Media Innovation at Resorts World Las Vegas

Should We Work Together?

If you do business the way I do, I’d love to chat. So, please reach out if the following values strike a chord with you:

  • You place a premium on partnership and collaboration in your work with freelancers.
  • You appreciate organized systems and standard operating procedures that make work seamless.
  • You understand the impact that content can have on your business’ bottom line.

Your Next Move

Ready to find out more? Then click here to contact me. We’ll talk about you, your business, and how I can help.